May 6, 2020

Nano Powder is a type of kratom that is made with the best technology machines so as to produce a powder that is free from metal and bacterial contamination. The Nano Powder process goes through a perfect oxidation process. This process is done to change the levels of caffeine, flavanols, sugars, antioxidants, and mitragynine naturally. So as to create kratom which has a distinctive taste. Like other consumption goods, kratom must go through a long process before it is ready for you to use.

The kratom processing process involves several stages, which begin with picking and end with sterilization. Each strain relatively has different stages even though the taste and aroma are the same. To produce quality kratom, we do a variety of methods.


1. Avoid metal contamination of powder grinding machines

From the results of our trail, the machines in picture 3 and 4 experience a lot of erosion on the blade of powder grinder. Causes kratom powder to be contaminated with ferrous metals. The conclusion is kratom powder that uses machines 3 & 4 is dangerous for human consumption.

2. Nano Kratom have high Mitragynine

Do You know the normal machines produces heat of 90C – 150C?

Heat at these temperatures destroys many alkaloids, changes in color, and taste in kratom. So make a low effect. Far compared to NANO KRATOM. The heat generated from the NANO KRATOM machine is around 20C-35C. So that the alkaloids, colors, and tastes are very awake.

3. Free Bacterial Contamination

Do you know the of products contaminated with bacteria then your health is at stake?

Do you know that 70% of suppliers don’t sterilize products?

Nano Kratom Sterilizing Machine. We provide products solutions that have been equipped with sterilizing machine. So the quality of the product remains safe for consumption.­­­­­­

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