• Types of: Arabica
  • Roast Level: Dark
  • Aroma: Spicy, Caramel, Sweet
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: High
  • Flavours: Fruity, Dark Chocolate, Mild, Citrus

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Sidikalang is a town under the Regency of North Sumatera, the Dairi. The natural condition of sidikalang supplied by a range of mountains with a varied degree of slope. The natural condition of Sidikalang cool make various kinds of fruit and agriculture thrives here.

Coffee is in fact already become a legend of Sidikalang coffee Sumatera across the world. Sejaka age of the Netherlands in the past, coffee has become the main commodity of Sidikalang VOC export throughout the world. Now that the legendari Sidikalang Coffee brough back by WKOTWICA Coffee with flavors and aromas.

Excess Coffee Sidikalang

Coffee company of Sidikalang as aromas and flavors. His spicy aroma combined with sweet caramel coffee Sidikalang we so tempting. In terms of taste, the coffee company of sidikalang we have a blend of flavors between the fruity, dark chocholate, and there is also a citrus note at the end of the mouth.

For you who like coffee with high body and high acidity, then coffee sidikalang is also suitable for you. Now coffee sidikalang is also widely exported to the whole worl d, so capable of biting with coffee Brazil and Vietnam.

Sell sidikalang indonesian coffee beansSell sidikalang indonesian coffee beans

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