• Types of: Arabica
  • Roast Level: Medium to Dark
  • Aroma: Spicy, Caramelly, Flowery
  • Acidity: Medium, Smooth and Clean
  • Body: High
  • Flavours: Nutty, Orange Hint, Herb

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This is the type of Papua in one type of coffee products original from Indonesia which has been best known around the world. A look at the history place this coffee comes from, if we look at it from the side of the natural wealth that is owned by Indonesia certainly looks quite interesting. One is a view which is in the town of Wamena, a small town that existed in the Valley of the mountains of the region of Sriwijaya, Papua. Aside from the side of a beautiful natural landscape, we can also see the results of the natural resources of the Earth Papua. Some types of existing poduce such IE Arabica Coffee. But more interesting is the presence of coffee production.

Types of Arabica Coffee is grown on the Wamena Valley Baliem Jayawijaya mountain area Wamena. Or particular interest it the growth of this type of coffee plant does not use chemical fertilizers. Types of Arabica Coffee Wamena is able to flourish naturally.

Coffee Excellence Papua Wamena

The hallmarks of Papua if one of them is its ability to grow naturally and do not use fertilizers kimia. Besides the advantages of this type of coffee is known to have a distinctive aroma and flavor. This type of coffee also do not have a sour taste due to the acid levels look lower. If we look at it from the side of serving coffee that there seems to have a whole range of interesting rendering process.

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